Welcome To Tirupati Marketing Co.

Established in 2012, Tirupati Marketing Co is a market leader in distribution & e-commerce alliance with centres in India & USA. TMC distributes and markets products on behalf of a number of the world’s leading vendors and in doing so, delivers the best solutions for today’s business, corporate and online retail environments.

At TMC we have a passion for excellence. We provide our partners with the broadest reaching sales channels and form valuable strategic partnerships. We are proactive in implementing new initiatives and consistently offer exciting incentives to stay competitive and maintain the positive relationships we have with our customers.


Our Vision, Values & Goals

Our strengths and key points of difference are built on our relationships, experience, responsiveness and the focus we can provide. TMC provides extensive reach and coverage across all markets in both the INDIA and USA retail and telecommunications channels. So, TMC vision is to be the ‘Distribution Partner of Choice’ in the Retail and Telecommunications market in INDIA and USA.

We partner with our customers to provide consistent quality, service and product to market through our team of first class sales professionals.

As an Indian owned and operated company we value providing exceptional service to our clients and a quality channel to market for our suppliers.

TMC distributes products on behalf of a number of the world’s leading vendors in some of the fastest growing industries and in doing so, deliver the best products for today’s business, corporate and consumer retail environments.

We pride ourselves on the depth of market and product knowledge in the channels we operate, and continually focus on ways to enhance our customer service performance.

Our Goal…To be the Distribution Partner of Choice

It is TMC’s purpose to deliver value through people, product and partnerships.

New Arrivals


New Arrivals

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